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en■t subsidies. Ch〓ina began a tr●ial program in De○cember 200◆7 to gra

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nt a■ 13-percent sub〓sidy to far◆mers who buy co■lor TVs, r●efrigerators, m●obile phon■

  • ral areas, ■which wou
  • ld offer● a c
  • ombined 60○
  • 0,000 to 70●0
  • ,000 jobs. The abo
  • v●e two plans are
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es, washing machi●nes and freezers.Ap〓pliance wareh◆ouse catches f○ire d

  • expe◆cted to cre●at
  • e 1.1 million t■o 1
  • .2 million job
  • s ◆in rural areas
  • as ○to ease un
  • emplo■yment pressur
  • e an○d increase i
  • ncome ○for rural re
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owntown Lha〓saThe stor〓ehouse covers an are◆a of 2,000 square〓 meters, with app?/p>

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iances worth◆ more than〓 20 million yua■n (2.94 million U〓.S. doll

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sidents〓, Chang sai

ars), said ◆Liu Jin, ge◆neral

manger of S○ifeng Appliance. M〓any sellers of ho〓me appliances may ●be slashin〓g prices to cle○ar rising invento■ries. But it's ◆a different〓 picture in ru

r■al areas, wh●ere recently-l●aunched su■bsidies for farm●ers

d. Chin○a has rea

are sending ite◆ms flying of

f t■he shelves. And○ that's given a 〓big boost to stocks ○in certain comp◆anies and th●e overall benchmark◆ index in Shang●hai. We'll○ have more details o○f the wee

k's mar■ket action● later in the pr●ogram. Home appl?/p>

ffirmed● its effort

駃ance stocks we〓re a b

ig factor in● the week's surge i●n the Shanghai◆ Composite■. Just 2 wee●ks ago, the g●overnment l●aunched sub●sidies for f○armers buying cert◆ain models o〓f

household applia●nces in rural are〓as, as one w●ay to stimula

Plans & s 〓to p

te cons●umption. That◆'s led to a cl◆ose-to 15 perce◆n

  • romote h ome ap●pliance sales● in rural areas○
    • , in an effo●rt to boost■ light in
    • dustry. A● 13 percent sub●sidy will no
    • w be off◆ered to far●mers who buy 〓
    • microwaves and st◆oves, in a ◆bid to
    • stimul●ate rural c
    • onsu●mption. The● ne
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  • w plan al?/strong> 鰈ows every house●hold to buy〓 two of
    • each item● at a reduce■d rate, rathe
    • 〓r than just one. La●st October◆, a 13 pe
    • rc●ent subsidy was ■announced f■or
    • farmers who ■buy home applian■ces, i
    • ncludin●g color TVs
    • , r○efrigerato〓rs, a
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  • nd mobil■e ph ones. The go●vernment say●s it will pr
    • omote● the policy natio●nwide in Feb
    • r■uary. It's esti●mated that t○he subsidi
    • es wil◆l reach 15 billio■n yuan in ?/li>
    • ?009 driving o◆verall domestic dema●nd
    • to over ●100 billio
    • n yuan. ●The policy h
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  • as no〓t o nly benefited fa〓rmers, but also a●pplia
    • nce manuf●acturers.Cao Jian○hai, Resea
    • rch Fe〓llow of Indus■trial Economic ■Rese
    • arch Inst. of ●CASS said "In〓 fact,
    • there has be■en strong demand○ for home
    • applian○ces in rur?/li>
    • 馻l areas. But the hi?/li>
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t jump in stocks ○for the sector in t■he past week. ◆Some leading fi○rms like Changho○ng, Midea and Littl○e Swan surged m〓ore than 20 per●cent in five◆ trading days. Huan○g Xiangbin, Ana○lyst of Ci〓nda Securities ■s

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aid "The g◆overnment is prom●oting the rura◆l market as th◆e n

re●d with the

ext focus of d■omestic cons○umption, as i●t understands how〓 large the ru●ral market can be, ◆if it's possible to 〓tap its po●tentia

ir i○ncomes have

l. And wit〓h home applia〓nce manufact〓urers now g◆etting subsi■dies, it's eas●y to understand w○hy stock i◆nvestors ha

driven◆ farmers awa

v●e favored them in th◆e past week."Analys■ts say that despit○e sharp drops i■n overseas d○emand, China's ru●ral market should be○ able to ab●sorb excess produc〓tio

y. T◆hat's the main r

n of home 〓appliances.● But investors a■re warning ○companies that th◆ey must shift t■heir focus to rura●l areas in the ●long term ○if they want enjoy ●growth that als●o

e■ason for f●armers' r

stretches in●to the long◆er term. Related● Video:Pol●ice: China● home applia●nce tycoon under i○nvesti

ela◆tively weak

gationB〓EIJING, Nov. 2●7 (Xinhua) -- ○Huang Guangyu, Chin○a's home applian◆ce tycoon, is● under investigati○on for involvem○ent in "eco■nomic

con◆sumer power. If pr

crimes,●" confirmed Bei●jing police● on Thursday.◆ Huang, 39, whose p■ersonal wea○lth is estimated○ at 43 billion yua●n, is the 〓richest m

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